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Winner: Next Big Scene

Even pop star Rihanna has cribbed #Seapunk’s style, a genre of dance music and fashion influenced by dolphins and vintage web culture - the term for which was coined on Twitter by DJ Lil Internet. The music itself took root with Coral Records, headed up by #Seapunk musicians of note Zombelle (@Zombelle_) and Ultrademon (@Ultrademon). Expect this scene to make a big #splash in the coming months.

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Top Super Fans

  1. Milton Sobreira
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    King of the Hell

    King of the Hell

    Arlen, Hell

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    ʎǝqqqıq ɹǝlʎʇ

    ʎǝqqqıq ɹǝlʎʇ

    Depends on what I'm doing.

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    a solitary wisp

    a solitary wisp

    serene forests