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About the Awards

The O Music Awards celebrates the best in digital music. Join us for the main event on June 19th.


The O Music Awards has assembled a team of influencers to help select nominees and curate categories.

  • Tatiana Simonian

    Tatiana Simonian

    Tatiana Simonian leads music artist and industry relations at Twitter.

  • Clyde Smith

    Clyde Smith

    Clyde Smith writes about music tech and the indie music business for He also blogs at Flux Research and Crowdfunding For Musicians. Clyde has a background in dance and a PhD in Cultural Studies from Ohio State University. In 2004 he launched ProHipHop, the first hip hop industry blog, which he exited in 2010.

  • Next Big Sound

    Next Big Sound

    Launched in 2009, Next Big Sound is the leading provider of online music analytics and insights. Next Big Sound measures daily music consumption and purchase decisions around the globe and makes it all available in a single dashboard. From Facebook fans to sales, Next Big Sound combines artist activity with context to help the modern music industry make decisions. Next Big Sound is used by thousands of individual bands and managers as well as the biggest labels and distributors in the world. Next Big Sound powers the Social 50 and Next Big Sound branded chart for Billboard, has raised $7.5m in venture capital and is based in NYC, Boulder and Nashville.

  • Ian Rogers

    Ian Rogers

    Ian Rogers is the CEO of Beats Music, a new music service focused on redefining the digital music experience for consumers and artists alike. Most recently the CEO of Topspin Media, Ian has helped artists embrace technology since the early '90s. Since then, Ian has gained a unique understanding of the music business from the artists' point of view - working alongside industry pioneers including The Beastie Boys, Eminem and Paul McCartney. Prior to founding Topspin in 2007, Ian was the vice president and general manager of Yahoo! Music and Yahoo! Video. He was previously president and chief technology officer of Mediacode, which was acquired by Yahoo! in 2004. He also served as president of new media at Grand Royal, webmaster at Nullsoft (sold to AOL) and chief technology officer at rVision. Ian holds a Bachelor of Arts in computer science from Indiana University.

  • Yung Skeeter

    Yung Skeeter

    Trevor McFedries (a.k.a. Yung Skeeter) is an anomaly. Not many people can say they consider Katy Perry, Odd Future, Trash Talk and Skrillex friends -- but that just comes with the territory for the DJ/Producer who has been associated with most of LA’s emerging music scenes for the last 5 years. He has exploits in "urban music" making beats for artists like Chris Brown and Azealia Banks under the alias DJ Skeet Skeet,  while having a top 10 album in 2007 with his rap group Shwayze. He also has all the punk cred one could muster, playing in hardcore bands for most of his youth -- straight edge until this day -- and not too long ago playing a show in between his friends Trash Talk and Touche Amore. Skeet is still noted to be the first DJ to play Van’s Warped Tour and has been commissioned to remix everybody from Black Eyed Peas to Broken Social Scene. But most people would tell you he’s one of the DJs responsible for the growth of "EDM" in America alongside his label head Steve Aoki and peers like Diplo, A-Trak and others. Having such roots led long-time friend Katy Perry to reach out and book Skeet as support for her entire "California Dreams" stadium tour. In short Yung Skeeter -- or "Skeet" --  is a look into the future of creatives: an endless resource of music, culture and technology smarts that has lead massive companies like Spotify to bring him on as an "Artist Advocate" and magazines like Paper and Blackbook to name him their DJ of the year. 2013 will see Skeet launching a new radio show alongside Steve Aoki as well as a heavy catalog of mixtapes, original productions and remixes.

  • Eliot Van Buskirk

    Eliot Van Buskirk

    Eliot Van Buskirk is the editor of, the first publication for music fans about music apps, which focuses on helping listeners find the best ways to find the best music. An award-winning columnist, Van Buskirk has covered digital music since 1997 for CNET and Wired, and has written and edited books for McGraw-Hill., published by The Echo Nest, is syndicated to a number of outlets including The O Music Awards, Wired, CNET, Time, Gizmodo, Billboard, Lifehacker, Huffington Post, and Hypebot. He can occasionally be often heard on NPR, and one of his Twitter accounts is @evolverfm. Van Buskirk prefers the bicycle and dabbles with various musical instruments.

  • Jim Lucchese

    Jim Lucchese

    Jim has worked in digital music strategy and corporate development for about 15 years. Before The Echo Nest, Jim was a music lawyer at Greenberg Traurig, specializing in music and digital media deals. Clients included multi-platinum and independent artists, music publishers, digital entertainment companies and branded entertainment. Prior to GT, Jim held sales and corporate development positions at Hughes, where he managed market development and sales with annual revenues exceeding $20 Million. Jim was also Chief Strategy Officer of Webnoize/DMN, a digital entertainment research and advisory company serving over 500 clients. Jim holds a BA from Boston College and a JD, Magna Cum Laude, from the Georgetown University Law Center. When he’s not at the Nest, Jim plays drums and still represents a few indie artists pro bono for fun.

  • Kyle Bylin

    Kyle Bylin

    Kyle Bylin is a music industry and technology analyst who specializes in consumer products and behavioral trends. Bylin is spearheading the development of the Ultimate Chart and related product strategy at Live Nation Labs. He was the Editor of Hypebot, a leading trade publication, as well as Social/Streaming Chart Manager and Contributing Editor at Billboard Magazine.

  • Jack Conte

    Jack Conte

    Jack Conte is best known as half of the indie duo, Pomplamoose, with more than 87 million views on YouTube and hundreds of thousands of iTunes song sales. His recent Daft Punk/Skrillex mashup garnered more than a million views within days of its release, drawing international booking requests and pushing Jack onto an electronic stage for his new solo project, Conte. With a West Coast tour booked in July, and followup nation-wide tour slated for the fall, Conte continues to be a pioneer in music tech and social media. After draining his savings account on a music video that employs a life-sized animatronic head and a custom built six-legged robot, Conte is eating rice and beans until his debut EP arrives in May. Until then, you can chat with him on Twitter, where he answers every @ mention (often sending hundreds of tweets per day), promising to make himself accessible and open with his fans.

  • Silent Drape Runners

    Silent Drape Runners

    Silent Drape Runners are the Brooklyn-based "Lynchian pop" electronic duo of Russ Marshalek and Sophie Weiner. After forming around Halloween in 2011, the duo have DJ'd, performed live and done their trademark Twin Peaks re-soundtrackings for sellout crowds on both American coasts, with a European tour planned. They write a monthly column, DIRECT MSSG, for Ad Hoc, and host a weekly Tuesday residency, SDR PRSNTS, at The DL on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Their 2012 Internet Week lecture on #Seapunk became the track "Chatroom with Enya" produced by Ultrademon on his 2013 album Seapunk.

  • Butch Walker

    Butch Walker

    Man... Bios kinda suck. I've been doing these things for so long now, that I feel like just when I have written the mother of all things informative and maybe funny, I go and record a new record. Why does sh*t always have to evolve and the information change every time another year goes by? Why, since the last bio (which I felt was an understated masterpiece) did I have to go and do sh*t to deem it necessary for an update? Just because between the last album, I Liked it Better When You Had No Heart, and now, I have: shot a video for "Pretty Melody" from the album ILIBWYHNH, wore a TV on my head in it and fought ninjas, got it featured on YouTube and it got a half million views, did a soldout headlining tour of the states last year, supported Train on a soldout tour of the states, then went and supported Pink on a soldout stadium tour of Europe all summer, including soldout headlining club shows of our own over there. Hmmm... What else.. Oh! Taylor Swift heard a little version I did of her song, "I Liked it Better When You Belonged With Me" (or was it "You Belong With Me"? I can't freaking remember...). She called me and asked if she could play my version of it on the Grammys and would I mind playing alongside her and Stevie Nicks for the performance. Then she fell in love with me and ran away to Barcelona to elope, only to find out that while I was in the bathroom at the airport, she fell in love with Jake Gyllenhaal, who stole my f*cking seat next to her in the waiting terminal.... Ok... I made that last part up. Fun right? No? Ok.. Like the fans are always telling me, don't talk about politics, religious views or Tay Tay Swift. I should mention the band I play in. Just like the last record, this record was recorded, written and produced by me and the Black Widows. It consist of my longtime bandmates, Chris Unck on guitar, lap and pedal steel. He's a redneck from the North Georgia mountains who I think wrestled alligators at one time, and built lighthouses. He also fronted Chris Unck and the Black Roses... Until I stole him. Fran Capitanelli on lead guitar is also a friend of mine that resided in Atlanta during my tenure there, and he played guitar and sang lead in a band I loved called The Tom Collins. Until I stole him. He is the Professor of Energy.... Ask him to explain. Jake Sinclair on bass is not only the tallest, skinniest bassist I know, but he's also the best. He's even better than me, and I'm f*cking awesome. I met Jake while producing a record for his band The Films....Until I stole him. I bartered with him though. I told him he could also engineer the records I make in my studio with me (he's also the best engineer I know) and that his singer/songwriter in the Films, Mike Trent, would have to join in on the Black Widows writing process. I kinda made out good on this whole deal, because Mike is one of the most unsung singer/songwriters I know, and the lyrical collaborations we have done on the last couple of records have been my favorites. Oh yeah, Mike's wife (Cary Ann Hearst) is also an amazing singer/songwriter that I produced a record for last year... She sang backup vocals on the new Widows record. It's a family affair... So this is the part of the bio where I'm supposed to describe the new record by us called The Spade. I'm supposed to inject words about the songs like "soaring," "pounding," "climactic," and maybe even a "unrivaled"... But I just can't talk like that about my own music. But what I can say is, just like my bass paying skills... It's f*cking awesome. We will be on the road this year a lot, and probably sleeping at many KOA campgrounds this fall. More than likely, you are reading this because you don't know shit about me and you are about to interview me for your school paper or local radio station visit (yes, I'm in the lobby) and you need to find out a few things about me to talk about. It's ok. I'm not mad. I'm not very popular and I don't blame you if you "just aren't into the music." You may not have read this far, or been able to get past the bass playing part, but if you have, then I commend you. Let's talk... End of bio.